You need program management help, but without guidance, you unknowingly reinvent the wheel.

That's where Public Health Research Consulting comes in. We serve as the connection between your research and the community. We help you develop a tailored, comprehensive, step-by-step program management plan to track, organize, and document research activities that meet the unique needs of the funder and community.

How it Works

  • During this call, we will discuss the program management challenges you are experiencing with your community-focused research study and how PHRC can help you address those challenges.

  • Based on your research protocol, over a two-week period, PHRC will develop a comprehensive program management plan that will map out how to increase community engagement in your research (partnership and capacity building, participant recruitment), effectively track details of every research activity (e.g., documenting enrollment, incentives, meetings, audits, budget activities, etc.), and improve the process of reporting research outcomes to funders.

  • PHRC will schedule a program management plan review meeting with you. Over the next week, you and PHRC will work on finalizing the plan. The final plan will be submitted to you as an editable document, so you can make updates if your research protocol changes.

Are you ready to conduct your community-based research with clarity and without the burnout?

Meet your Plan Developer

Leonore Okwara, MPH

As a public health professional, Leonore offers 14 years of national public health program management research experience in the nonprofit, academic, and federal sectors. Over the years, she has witnessed the stress that researchers and their research staff experienced when it came to managing community-based research protocols. Her passion is helping researchers effectively manage community-based research activities.